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The Colour of Shadows

Laurel’s in-box was overflowing. There was nothing in the pile that couldn’t wait until Monday, which meant the only thing keeping her from Friday drinks was her failure to hit ‘send’.

And then her boss knocked on the door.

Laurel Brandt has a good job working for an Agri-Biotech giant. But her job isn’t particularly stimulating, and she’s desperate for a promotion. Her manipulative boss preys on this desire, assuring Laurel the promotion will be hers if she attends a trade conferencein Indonesia. Except Laurel isn’t an adventurer, she has no interest in exploring strange places. Despite her misgivings, Laurel finds herself in the strangest place she could possibly imagine: Java, home to stifling heat, corrupt officials, bizarre food, active volcanoes, and loud clerics summoning the faithful to prayer several times each day.

On arrival, Laurel learns her company has been conducting experiments in a remote village where residents are experiencing high rates of a rare cancer. A colleague, whose research data could help determine the source of the cancer, disappears on the eve of a terror attack, taking the data with her. When Laurel becomes a suspect in her colleague’s disappearance, she faces a difficult choice: flee under a cloud of suspicion, risking her promotion, or stay in Java to search for the stolen data, risking her life?

Novel Aesthetic | The Colour of Shadows