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What Remains of Us

In the year since her young son died, Sarah Lockhart’s marriage has steadily fallen apart. Tormented by grief and guilt, neither she nor husband Peter have made peace with the past, and they want different things going forward. Peter yearns for a fresh start, far from the town that claimed their son’s life. But for Sarah, whose vagabond childhood fostered a persistent need for stability, a big enough change could destroy what remains of her.

While Peter is away on business, Sarah self-medicates with alcohol and witnesses supernatural phenomena in her backyard. She distrusts the evidence of her eyes, attributing the eerie spectacle to her intoxication. But when she sees her son in his bedroom window a few days later, her skepticism disappears. Not only is her son trapped between worlds, unable to cross over, he’s not the only entity haunting her empty home. The visitants that accompany her son share key commonalities: all were women, all were connected to Sarah’s family, and all died under suspicious circumstances.

When Sarah discovers Peter’s business trip was a ruse, an opportunistic ploy to seek out new employment elsewhere, she faces a difficult choice. If she stays to investigate her family’s mysterious past, she may help the restless spirits find peace, but she’ll definitely lose Peter. If she moves away in a last-ditch attempt to save her marriage, she’ll have to abandon her quest for the truth, leaving her beloved son trapped between worlds.

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