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Remains of Us

Are the ghosts real, or did she drink too much… again?

Sarah Lockhart has lost too much. Her son passed away, her marriage is falling apart, her father’s memory is failing. Now her husband Peter wants to leave Fort Regent, the small town Sarah loves. Tormented by grief and guilt, Peter yearns for a fresh start, far from the town that claimed their son’s life. But for Sarah, whose vagabond childhood fostered a persistent need for stability, a big enough change could spell disaster.

Shortly after a local mom is killed by a hit-and-run driver, Sarah begins to see ghosts, and Peter begins to question Sarah’s sanity. Not only are the ghosts disturbingly familiar, they won’t let her son cross over. But the ghosts also bestow an unusual gift: an old camera that may have belonged to Sarah’s father. Inside the camera, Sarah finds a roll of exposed film, and the developed prints reveal clues about her son’s discarnate captors. All were women, all were connected to Sarah’s family, none died of natural causes.

When Peter accepts a job far away from Fort Regent, threatening to go it alone if need be, Sarah faces a difficult choice. If she leaves Fort Regent, not only must she abandon her ailing father, she’ll likely consign her son to eternal unrest. If she stays, it could cost Sarah her marriage, maybe even her life.

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